Debbie Noa | RMT

Debbie Noa - Registered Massage Therapist at Young Health Management in Duncan BC

Registered Massage Therapist

Debbie graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria, BC in 2006 and became a member of the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia in 2007. The 3000 hour program gave her thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and the hands-on techniques gave her the tools needed to provide clients with an effective alternate health care.

Massage Therapists are required to continue their education by attending courses designed to keep their knowledge current. Debbie selects courses with an eye towards expanding her toolbox to better enable her to treat chronic problems (i.e. lower back pain, neck and shoulder dysfunctions, etc.). It takes a thorough assessment and know-how before treating a client. Therefore, Debbie feels it is important to identify the cause of the problem and not just go after the symptoms. Frequently, the cause lies in the soft tissues or joints that are stuck and need a little nudge.

Debbie joined Young Health Management in June 2013. At present her areas of expertise are Trigger Point Release, Joint Mobilization, and Deep Tissue Manipulation.

“The whole concept of this type of clinic is spreading worldwide and the benefits are rewarding not only to the client, but to the therapist, working with other professionals and learning from each other. Life as a whole can be demanding, and therefore people experience stress in some form or another. Stress can be the cause of many diseases, it can slow down healing of many types of injuries, increase symptoms of chronic conditions, and decrease the natural flow of our internal systems. Taking care of yourself will create a positive effect against the hurdles you may face, thereby promoting what everyone hopes for – a happier, healthier, longer life.”

Debbie moved to the Cowichan Valley with her family in the 90s and loves every aspect of island life. When she is not treating muscles and joints, she is outside enjoying gardening, woodworking, hiking, playing piano, writing music, singing, painting, and just being with family (including her cats).