Donna Louise Clark | RMT

250Donna Louise Clark - registered massage therapist at young health managaement in duncan bc

Registered Massage Therapist

Tired? Stressed? Injured? Overwhelmed? Underwhelmed? Athlete? Have a chronic illness? Just feel out of sorts?

Donna studied at Kikkawa College and the Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia (MTCBC). She practiced in Ontario for 29 years before moving to BC in 2017. She is trained in an overall therapeutic approach to massage and throughout the years has taken many courses to add to her knowledge base. She loves the physical and emotional challenge of meeting people in their bodies just as they are – hugely diverse and all with something that needs attention. She delights in helping people of all backgrounds and health levels to reconnect with their own body and hopefully to leave each massage more grounded, more aware of their own connection to the innate intelligence in their corporeal being, and simply calmer.

Besides her life’s work, Donna is a dyed in the wool animal lover. Her pets (which number 5…at the moment) – are her pals and her touchstones. She enjoys all things about learning – just for the fun of it – and the discipline of meditation. She very easily relates to the aches and pains the years can pass on but she still loves the physical world of hiking, climbing and kayaking, which make her move to the west coast such a blessing.

“If you decide to come to Young Health Management for a massage I am sure you will not be disappointed. Every therapist I have met here (all of whom I have had treatments by) come with their own set of amazing skills and are simply some of the kindest people I know.”